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CBPE realises its investment in SAFECHEM


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SAFECHEM provides services and products related to the safe and sustainable use of solvents for cleaning heavily machined metal components. SAFECHEM services over 5,000 customers across Europe, Asia and the US in the automotive, aerospace and energy sectors, as well as in the medical instrument, electronic and optical technology industries. They are committed to the principles of Responsible Care® and seek to optimise the balance between ecology, economy and social responsibility.


SAFECHEM was previously a subsidiary of Dow Corporation which was carved out following CBPE’s initial investment in December 2016.

Under CBPE's ownership, SAFECHEM has invested significantly into its ongoing expansion and innovation, which has enabled the business to strengthen its market position and enhance its product offerings, contributing to its overall success.

On 1 February 2024, CBPE sold its investment in SAFECHEM to Itelyum. The acquisition by Itelyum creates growth opportunities for both parties, enabling SAFECHEM to further accelerate the development of new innovative solutions. Safechem represents Itelyum’s first acquisition in Germany.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the whole SAFECHEM team. The innovation and culture at the business is exceptional, with a constant desire to develop growth opportunities and commit to sustainability and Responsible Care®.

Mathew Hutchinson, Partner

What I really liked from day one was CBPE’s quality of people, the hands-on help they can provide if needed, their pragmatism and fast decision making, all combined with high professionalism and a strong network to support. Working as a real team, we have been able to expand our global footprint, develop and acquire new technologies, and strengthen our organisation.

Manfred Holzleg, General Manager

CBPE’s realisation of SAFECHEM resulted in CBPE doubling its initial investment and marks the fifth exit for its 2016 vintage Fund IX.

CBPE Capital looks forward to witnessing the continued success of SAFECHEM under its new ownership and remains dedicated to identifying and supporting businesses with growth potential across various industries.