About CBPE

At CBPE, we invest in businesses in the UK with an enterprise value of up to £150m.

We are pragmatic and supportive partners who leverage our experience to help our businesses unlock growth and realise their potential.

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Strong foundations

We are established investors with nearly 40 years of experience.

We work best with businesses where we know we can truly add value. Our diverse portfolio all have one thing in common: a growth mindset.

Key achievements

An independent business since 2008, CBPE has a proven track record.

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Single strategy firm

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100% partner owned



2010 vintage

Fund IX


2016 vintage

Fund X


2021 vintage


Investments since Fund VIII


Primary deals

(29 out of 34 across Funds VIII-X)


Add on investments

(Funds IX-X)


MoC from 19 realisations

since Fund VIII

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Our principles

We bring deep knowledge to the table and use our experience to drive growth. Our pragmatic approach ensures that our strategies are not only well-grounded but also geared towards commercial results.

We are principled and determined in our pursuit of long-term success, driven by a strong sense of conviction. Additionally, our collaborative nature fosters a supportive environment where we work together to create value for all involved. Above all, we believe in building true partnerships based on mutual respect.

The values that define who we are

We leverage many years of experience, bringing deep knowledge and expertise to support management teams to achieve remarkable success and in turn deliver significant growth for our investors.

Our Approach

Partnering with CBPE

We bring ideas and provide hands-on support to drive success. We work with inspiring businesses and help them achieve their potential.

Our consistent track record speaks for itself. However, in a sector of similar sounding promises, it’s our approach that defines us. This means drawing on everything we’ve learnt from supporting almost 60 different companies across five funds since 2000. How we work with our businesses depends on their circumstances, challenges and opportunities, as well as thier ambitions. Whatever your growth ambitions are, we have the people, the expertise and the experience to help.

Meet the team

We're an established team, personally invested in all our companies